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Salary Search 
Search our database for the salaries of government, university and school employees throughout metro Toledo.

• Public workers salary database

Crime/Public Safety
• Homicide Report
Database and map of homicides in Toledo from 2007 to present

• Blade Blotter
Crime reports from Toledo area plotted on an interactive map.
Annual school Report Card
2012-13 Ohio Report Card by district   
2012-13 Ohio Report Card by school   
2012-13 Ohio Report Card for charter schools   
2011-12 Ohio Report Card by district   

2011-12 Ohio Report Card by school
2010-11 Ohio Report Card
  Helpful School Info
2011-2012 public school calendars   

Ohio Census
U.S. Census Bureau reports Toledo's population dropped 8.4 percent in the past decade; suburban areas posted a mix of growth and decline. Search for the population of Ohio counties, cities, villages, townships, and school districts.
  • Search the Ohio Census database
  • Map to see Ohio population by county

    Michigan Census

    In Michigan, state population grew by less than 1 percent in the past 10 years, while Detroit experienced a population drop of 25 percent.
  •  County populations, 20 populous cities
  •  Statistics for counties, cities, towns, villages
  • War Dead
  • Area soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Iraq
  • Pump Prices
  • Lowest gasoline prices in metro Toledo
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